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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  July 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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lawfully with the crosswalk signal. >> reporter: investigators said the woman is in her late 60s. she fell on her head and is suffering from life-threatening injuries. the impact was so severe, the bike was crumpled. the bicyclist also suffered injuries. people who work in the area said the scene was traumatic and complained, some bicyclists ride dangerously. >> i think for the most part bicyclists are pretty good. just a few of them are a little -- they're not paying attention. >> reporter: it's an ongoing issue. some bicyclists ignore the rules of the road riding through red lights. and in some cases, riding around pedestrians trying to cross, police say it's dangerous. in the case of today's accident the bicyclist could face the same charges as a motorist. >> they have to follow the same rules of the road as motorist, stopping at stop signs and red lights, just like any other motorist. they are not exempt from the
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rules of the road. >> i definitely stop but i mean if it's red and there's no cars and it's clear, that i'm not in danger, i'm going to go. >> reporter: cyclists complain there are bad drivers, too, making it unsafe for them in what is supposed to be a bike- friendly city. most will tell you the close calls they had. >> he didn't slow down at all. i felt like it the right of way but you know -- i felt like i had the right of way but, you know, he kept coming. >> reporter: the bike coalition says it encourages everyone to follow the rules of the road and offers bike safety courses. the rules are simple, everyone has to learn the to share the road. >> in this case, in this case it's important to remind everyone, not just the bicyclists, it's important to remind motorists and pedestrians, it's important to aid by the law and these laws are in place for one's safety. >> reporter: so the bicyclist was questioned and police are
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continuing to investigate this case. if the woman dies, the bicyclist does face serious charges just as if he were driving a car. elizabeth? >> now, linda, are the police aggressively trying to find these cyclists that are not obeying the rules of the road as aggressively as they are the cars? >> reporter: i wouldn't describe it as aggressive. i think if there is a cyclist in front of a patrol car and violates a rule he will get ticketed because i have heard officers tell me, they will ticket them. it's not a priority but if they see something dangerous they will ticket somebody. >> thank you, linda yee in san francisco. it's a crime oakland police have put on the back burner since the city simply does not have enough comes. so when officers responded to a couple of burglary cases that they got accused of special treatment. christin ayers explains. christin. >> reporter: elizabeth, this is all over two recent car break- ins of city council members' cars one of them happening
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right here in lake merritt. but instead of going online and filling out a police report, like many residents are asked to do, the city council members reached out to the assistant police chief and they say there's nothing wrong with that. >> it happened so quick. >> reporter: we watched it happen to this woman in downtown oakland a few hours ago. a thief snatched her iphone and credit card information while she waited for a bus. have you ever had anything happen like this before? >> no. >> reporter: leaving her and a witness terrified. >> i'm afraid. >> reporter: it's not so different from what recently happened to two city council members, dudley brooks and another woman had their cars burglarized at lake merritt in june. ignacio de la fuente had a case full of cash and concert tickets stolen from his car but they got help from a high level friend. >> so yes, i did call keith jordan simply for purposes of seeing if he could check to see how long it was going to take to dispatch someone out. >> reporter: at a press conference today, the councilman de la fuente
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admitted he too called the assistant chief howard jordan after his break-in. >> i call the chief of police all the time. >> reporter: both insist they did nothing wrong. >> i didn't get special treatment. >> reporter: nothing wrong? >> nothing wrong. >> reporter: but officers were sent to both scenes when brooks and de la fuente were robbed. brooks says it was because there was still a suspect at her scene. >> the little of response is based on the fact that there was a suspect in the area and they were coming out because there were still some information that was actionable upon. >> reporter: turns out our purse snatching victim got the same response as councilwoman brooks. officers were on the scene in two minutes flat all because they believed the thief was still in the area. now, there is a city council charter provision on the books that says a councilmember can lose the job if they try to influence another city employee but again, miss brooks says that's not what was happening here. she says there is no persuasion, no coercion, just a call to a friend. live in oakland, christin
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ayers, cbs 5. electronic eyes are recording every move in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the city yesterday installed the first of 30 digital surveillance cameras. they will allow cops to zoom in on faces even license plates. this comes three months after the restaurant owner jesus campos was gunned down. there are no suspects. >> it's frustrating to know that someone can actually commit this murder and still be walking among us. >> there was a camera in the area at the time of the murder. but it was pointed in the wrong direction. the city paid $70,000 to install the new cameras. we didn't want their help. that's what a lot of people in san jose are telling the city about two federal immigration agents sent to help in its war on gangs. len ramirez tells us why police say this is one gift they cannot afford to return. >> reporter: elizabeth, the san jose police department has always had a workable yet
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somewhat uneasy relationship with undocumented immigrants. but now that relationship seems to be at an all-time low. it's all because this department has chosen to work with the federal agency which is well known and well feared around here for deporting people and breaking up families. immigrant groups say there's a chill on the streets of san jose this summer and it's not about the weather. it's because many undocumented workers are now more afraid than ever to call police to report crimes or be witnesses. [ speaking spanish ] >> to be honest with you i really don't trust the police right now. what i'm trying to do is not go outside too much or drive outside just because of this deep fear that i have. >> reporter: it's all because of san jose pd's recent decision to take part in the department of homeland security's operation community shield, which recently brought two federal i.c.e. immigration agents into the department to work as investigators [ indiscernible ]
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>> when police asked immigration agents, word spread like wildfire in the community that any contact with the police could lead to deportation for themselves or their family members. >> reporter: immigrant groups held a news conference calling on police to drop out of community shield, but with gang- related murders spiking, police budgets plummetting, and officers getting laid off, police say getting federal help now is necessary. >> the two detectives from the federal government are going to be embedded in our gang investigation unit. these are the detectives that are supposed to be putting violent gang members away for a long time. that will keep the city safe. so, yes, the layoffs, the budget did play into it. >> reporter: police say the agents will deport illegal immigrants. but only those found to be involved in violent crimes. >> as part of my role, i believe is to help instill that trust. >> reporter: but independent police auditor ladoris cordell says police need to do more to reassure immigrants. she is proposing an unprecedented community meeting with the i.c.e. agents to shine light on who they are and what they will be
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doing. >> if their intentions are as the chief has said, they should have no problem sitting down and talking to community leaders about how it is they will operate here in the city of san jose. >> reporter: the police chief says he is open to that idea of having a meeting but the big question is whether or not the federal agents will be open to it or the federal agency itself because if they do it here, they might have to do it in cities across america. live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are back on the job tonight. fire chief william mcdonald presented badges to 22 firefighters who were laid off last year. a $15 million fema grant helped the department pay for the hires. budget cuts forced san jose to lay off a total of 49 firefighters last year. next, packed and nowhere to go. the search for the agent accused of taking would have been travelers for a -- would- be travelers for a ride. save your gas and stay at home. the traffic nightmare about to
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descend on l.a. only takes them about 30 seconds. >> and you're left with a red bump. what makes some people more prone to blood sucking mosquitos. ,,,,,,,,
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police in san jose say the agent took off after taking an untold number of would- be travelers a south bay travel agent is on the lam. san jose police say the agent took off after taking an untold number of would-be travelers for a ride. on the consumerwatch, julie watts has the details on the alleged scam that victimized one community. julie, tell us all about it. >> reporter: you know, police, they call it a scam. but those in the industry call it an ethnic bustout. an all-too-common practice where so-called travel agents prey on unsuspecting communities. >> the scam their own people. and where are they at? >> reporter: that's what san jose list would like to know. they are looking for the owner of asia travel tours, a vietnamese business which operated out of this vietnamese
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shopping center accused of preying on vietnamese customers. >> would you take the money up fronted, assure -- you would take the money up front, assure them, and they showed up it the airport and there was nothing there waiting for them. he had taken their money with no intent to follow through. >> reporter: san jose police have not released the owner's identity but we are told he ran his business from a table inside this state farm office. a woman who works there asked not to be on camera but says all that's left of asia travel tours is this note from police. how long has he been gone? >> days. >> reporter: travel attorney al anolik says this type of scan is common in ethnic communities. >> they can rely on the ethnicity. >> reporter: he calls the scam an ethnic bustout. >> they rely on the community, they put ads in the community newspapers, they sell tickets for a while, then make the big score by selling a lot of tickets and disappearing with their consumers' money. >> reporter: when this type disappearing act happened within an ethnic community, there can be added
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complications. >> different cultures, different part of the community, there may be a reluctance to cooperate with law enforcement. >> reporter: especially concerning in this case more victims who don't realize they have been scammed, who may be more likely to trust their community members than the police. >> i trust my own kind. >> reporter: they should always check to see if your travel agent has a cst number which stands for california seller of travel. in california, if you purchase from a company with a cst number, you're eligible for restitution. unfortunately, this business didn't have one. police are asking any new victims to contact san jose pd and if you have a consumer complaint, contact us. 1-888-5-helps-u. just 18 days to cut a deal on the debt limit. today president obama challenged congress to, quote, avert armageddon. democrats and republicans met all day behind closed doors
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trying to hash out differences to raise the debt ceiling. put they emerged giving no ground on their hardened positions. the president urges lawmakers to find a way forward by tomorrow. >> if they show me a serious plan, i'm ready to move even if it requires some tough decisions on my part. >> after weeks of negotiations, the two sides still disagree over whether a tax increase should be tied to raising the debt ceiling. congress has to pass the deal by august 2nd or the government won't be able to pay its bills. the plane shook and people started screaming. the damage after two planes collide on a runway. then it's got a name, carmageddon. and it begins in two hours. how far some are going to deal with this weekend's closure of one of the nation's busiest freeways. and they are out for blood but they're picky with that i prey. who is most likely to get bit by a mosquito. from the cbs 5 weather
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center, noting persistence, that is your headline. we have the low clouds and fog, persistent all week. now how it will affect your weekend as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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of cars overnight. it happened in the rollingwood neighborhood. officers say someone broke side-view mirrors, bent antennas, and damaged
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windshield w san bruno police are looking for whoever vandalized cars last night. someone broke signs, antennas, damaged windshield wipers on 29 cars. no suspects so far. a collision involving two airliners on a boston runway is now being classified as an accident. >> we are going to have to wait here for a moment. i think we hit the r.j. off of our left wing. >> the wing of a boeing 767 clipped the tail of a smaller commuter jet last night causing serious damage. part of the wing tip of the larger plane was broken off. the tail on the smaller plane was crumpled and bent. >> we were third or fourth in line to leave for raleigh. and i was half asleep. the next thing you know, there's a bang. >> there were no serious injuries although one person complained of neck pain. in just a few hours, a major freeway in southern california will be shut down in
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what's being called carmageddon. a 10-mile stretch of interstate 405 will be closed until early monday morning as part of a billion-dollar widening project. it's expected to cause traffic gridlock that could spread as far north as bay area. this is what the freeway looks like right now. or that area around it right now. jeff nguyen is in los angeles with how this is going to work. how are drivers going to manage? >> reporter: well, you know, in just the last few minutes we saw some development out here. let me show you. we have seen traffic cones delivered. come 7:00 they will be stretched out across the on- ramp. [ signal breakup ] traffic is flowing very nicely on the busiest free in the world. perhaps the reason for that is because people have been told to stay away from the area.
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the reason for this closure is that half of the bridge the side you're looking at now is expected to come down tonight. even hours before the closure of the 405 freeway for the demolition of the mulholland bridge, crews are busy working. >> we have seen a lot of changeable message signs all scattered all over los angeles. there are crews all over l.a. and they are changing that sign. it did say that this closure is coming. now it will say, here we are ready to go. >> reporter: at 7:00 tonight the ramp for the 405 between the 10 and the 101 freeways will be shut down. at 10 p.m. tonight, crews will start shutting down lanes of the freeway and by midnight, the 405 will be completely closed. after that a bed of dirt will be laid under the bridge as a cushion for falling concrete and to protect the road's surface. >> so when those little chunks come off they don't damage the freeway surface. so it will just hit that dirt and kind of go thud. >> reporter: demolition work
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will begin overnight. first crews will cut into the south side of the bridge with a diamond band saw to basically loosen it up. from there, jackhammers will break up half of the bridge. the goal is to have about 4,000 tons of concrete removed by monday morning for the first phase of the demolition work and to get cars back on the freeway on time for monday's commute. but before that can happen, everyone is being asked to stay away from the sepulveda pass. >> you will see a lot of activity down on the freeway itself once it's closed. >> reporter: so all the concrete that's coming down is about 4,000 tons of concrete that's going to be brought down and all of that concrete is going to get pulverized and recycled and eventually all of that team going into the new bridge that's replacing this current -- all that material going into the new bridge that is replacing this current bridge. back to you. >> what are people doing to get ready for the shutdown? >> reporter: a lot of companies in southern california have been warned about what's going
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on and a lot of companies are allowing employees to leave early this weekend and then come late on monday. now, we talk to a couple of local businesses in the area and so everyone has been told to basically stay put and some of the businesses are actually staying open because at sumtion is that their neighbors -- the assumption is that their neighbors aren't going anywhere and they will need places to eat and what not. we have rented an rv about half a mile from here and so i'll be spending the entire weekend, if something happens i can jump in front of camera. overnight a series of jam hammers will go in so it might be a noisy night with the jackhammers. back to you. >> probably not going to get a lot of sleep. hopefully nothing major happens. >> reporter: a lot of ear plugs. >> there you go. and melatonin. thank you. roberta, can you imagine what would happen if one of our main thoroughfares shut down? >> we have had it all the time. the bay bridge. we have shut it down for complete weekends. do you think they cover our bay
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bridge story? they just need to learn how to commute in southern california. the story has the best of me! all they drive is one person in the car all the time and now they are all aflutter. can you imagine if they had to deal with this? the areas of low clouds and fog obscuring the top of the golden gate bridge for our commuters that are moving along just fine this evening. this is the scene of our satellite that does indicate that the clouds are once again filling in along the north coast, san mateo coast as well now trying to inch back into the bay towards hayward. if you are out and about this evening, a jacket is required. we have some very gusty winds out of the west up to 18. some of these gusts, however, up to about 21 and 25 miles per hour. numbers from the 50s still all the way to 76 in can to cotati. angels 58 at 7:05 for game time against the as. the deck of low clouds and fog even some drizzle working into the central valley then
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retreating towards the lunch hour with partial clearing along the bay. low to the north of us, that's what's been enhancing this marine layer. and it's going to gradually lift more to the north than to the east as high pressure builds in from the four corners states so slowly we'll see gradual warming after tonight, 40s and 50s for overnight lows. tomorrow wind 10 to 20 miles an hour, brisk during the day. 50s and 60s next to the bay as good as it gets. otherwise, 70s inland. an outside number of 81 degrees in morgan hill. tri for fun hope to see you there tomorrow morning in pleasanton. make sure you wear the arm warmers. and an aids walk in san francisco on sunday. here's the extended forecast calling for the warmest day of the weekend on sunday. otherwise, flirting with 90 degrees by about this time next week. that is your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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mosquitoes cause the "most" ctor they may be the most unpopular insects on the planet. mosquitos cause the most misery in warm weather. dr. kim mulvihill explains what's behind their thirst for blood. >> reporter: summertime and the mosquitos are biting but how much do you know about the pests? first off, only the females bite. >> they do require a blood meal to generate eggs. >> reporter: some mosquitos prefer humans. some prefer animals like birds. they can suck a lot and quickly. >> within 30 seconds, they just fill up with blood, two or three times their own weight, and fly off. >> reporter: whether you're the meal has a lot to do with your personal chemistry. >> carbon dioxide mostly out of your breath and skin but other hormones that emerge from our skin. >> there are some people that are just lucky that aren't as prone and some unlucky people are more prone. >> reporter: the good news is mosquitos are easily distracted. >> these repellents once on your skin confuse the mosquito. suddenly there are other
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chemicals that are like overwhelming their radar and their sensory perception so they neverland and take a bite. if they do land they take off quickly. >> reporter: and how you react can depend on how often you have been bitten. >> a person may be more prone to dramatic reaction when exposed. >> reporter: the worst reaction is to get infected with a life- threatening disease which these insects are known to spread such as malaria, west nile virus and dunk i go fer. the be isto t rid of any stding water. f you arbitten by mosquitos ere is a breeding urceewrelose to yo kes isinof >> reporr:r. kim ihthwatch. google may gi us easy informatiobut we may t reer a of it theway ed tomorrow a study by columbia unersity archging thwork. ogle researchs sapeopleleare g at search ennes are ioto easi
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r eyewitnessews at 6. i'm ken bastida. here's what we are working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. if you thought the lines were long now, just wait. the bay area city where it's about to become almost impossible to pay a traffic ticket or get a divorce. and a bay area road so dangerous, they call it blood alley. the extra harsh tactic to get


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